Inclusive Research with PIRL Podcast Artwork Image

Inclusive Research with PIRL

The PIRL Project

PIRL stands for Partnership for Inclusive Research and Learning. This project brings together a network of researchers and practitioners including students and community members who are passionate about Disability Inclusive Development (DID) research. This podcast is grounded in scholarly work and personal experiences presented in ways that are accessible and informative. The podcasts will be focused on sharing research findings in PIRL, what we have learned, and how we learn together, and can include one-on-one conversations, panel discussions, and storytelling by members of the PIRL Network and beyond. Alt text of Podcast Artwork: A drawing of 4 hands in four different skin tones against a dark purple background. Each hand is grabbing one other wrist. The text "Inclusive Research" is written in white and cursive above the drawing and the text "With PIRL" is written in white and cursive below the drawing.